Create your Tailgate!


$2 each:

tomato pie bites

onion pie bites

goat cheese boursin & seasonal fruit tartlets

little avocado toasts with lemon, radish & pickled red onion

shrimp salad tartlets with capers & dill


Southern Dips with Crudites & Crackers

serves up to 20  $55

  • goat cheese boursin
  • Mississippi Delta Dip (smoked catfish)
  • pimento cheese
  • fresh cut vegetables
  • ritz crackers 


Cocktail Hour Sandwiches:

80 cocktail sandwiches to serve up to 20  $90

choose 3 of the following options for a delicious & memorable tailgate:

deviled egg salad with bread & butter pickles

pimento cheese

Mississippi Delta Dip: smoked catfish spread

deviled ham salad

goat cheese boursin & cucumbers


Fried Chicken OR Smoked House Ham & Fixin's:

(20 serving minimum)

$15 per serving includes:

  • select either fried chicken OR our house shoulder ham
  • potato salad
  • coleslaw
  • watermelon
  • sesame milk rolls