(please ask your coordinator if you are interested in other options - these are just popular examples)


Spring - $18.50 per person

Yeast rolls

Simple greens with shaved cucumbers, carrots and cheddar

Squash casserole with celery cream & brown butter breadcrumbs

Seared green beans with mustard vinaigrette and crispy onions

Fried chicken

Sweet & unsweet tea


Summer  - $18.50 per person


Watermelon with marinated cucumbers & onions, feta and basil

Mac & cheese with brown butter breadcrumbs

Roasted summer vegetables with fresh herbs

Pepper jelly lacquered  smoked shoulder ham

Watermelon lemonade & sweet tea


Fall - $18.50 per person

Herbed focaccia

Lettuces with roasted pear, charred onions, blue cheese and pecans

Sweet potato gratin with celery cream and brown butter breadcrumbs

Collard greens with cider & ga cane syrup

Brined & roasted pork loin with green tomato chutney

Sweet & unsweet tea


Winter  - $18.50 per person

Yeast rolls

Simple greens with shaved celery and parmesan

Tomato pie: savory crust with basil, cheddar, ricotta and parmesan

Roasted Brussels sprouts with balsamic & bacon

Shrimp & grits with tomatoes, onions & bay

Warm apple cider and sweet tea


Alternative Protein Options:

$5.50 per person (each option):

Chicken & Andouille jambalaya with tomatoes, onions and garlic

Chicken pot pie

Blackened chicken with celery and blue cheese

Rosemary & mustard roasted chicken breasts with pulled herbs

Pepper jelly BBQ lacquered chicken

Soy-ginger glazed chicken with sesame

Blackened tofu with celery slaw

BBQ tofu

$6.50 per person (each option):

beef lasagna

shrimp & Andouille jambalaya with tomatoes, onions and garlic

grits, greens & grillades: antebellum grits topped with braised collards and beef brisket in a rich gravy

pepper jelly lacquered pork shoulder – braised

brined & roasted pork loin

$8 per person:

roasted pork tenderloin with seasonal chutney

$9 per person (each option):

 braised beef shortribs with tomato jam

seared teres major/chuck tenderloin with onion jam

  • sweet/unsweet tea - $6/gal
  • lemonade - $6/gal
  • water - $3/gal
  • coffee - $3 per serving
  • mixers: coke, diet coke, ginger ale, soda, tonic, citrus, orange juice, cranberry juice,  olives- $5 per person 



  1. +7% tax
  2. +10-15% administrative fees: to cover all consultation/communication, possible site visit & tasting, and on site catering managers-based on scope of needs
  3. transport charge – based on distance and volume to be transported

  • $6 per person – full place settings: dinner and dessert plates, utensils, glassware, and white cloth napkin + $100 transport
  • $4 per person - hors d'oeuvres settings: small plate, fork, pint glass, white cloth napkin
  • $3 per person – biodegradable place settings
  • tablecloths - $16 each + 7% tax
  • setup/breakdown of guest tables and chairs - based on extent
  • onsite workers (cooks/servers) - pricing is based on time onsite, style of service, menu selections, set up & breakdown needs, any additional onsite needs
  • delivery-pricing is based on distance, extensiveness of set up & volume of delivery




We ask for a 50% nonrefundable save-the-date deposit if you would like for us to secure your date. All final menu selections, guest count and final payment are due 2 weeks before the date of the event.